The Top List of ERP Software Packages

If you browse the internet about ERP software, there will be a list of ERP software packages. On the list, you will find recommended ERP and CRM software to manage your company and run the business more efficiently. Here is the top ERP management software you should know.

SAP as one of the leading ERP software
The SAP AG is a company that gives you software service and consultancy that has been around from 1972. Originated from Germany, this company was created by 5 people that are ex-workers of IBM. The SAP itself is the abbreviation of Systeme Andwendungen Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung, which is roughly translated to English as Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing.

At first, SAP only handles big clients and companies. But, as time goes one, the competition is getting tighter and increase the awareness of small to middle sized companies to use the data management software. Therefore, SAP now offers the list of ERP software packages for smaller companies, which are SAP Business One and SAP All-in-One.

Compiere ERP and CRM software
Compiere is built using the modern programming language JAVA that allows the software to run through various platforms such as Unix, Linux, Windows, Solaris, etc. With high flexibility, Compiere allow the user to decide the type of OS and Hardware they want to use by adapting to the available budget and current needs.

Easy to customize, in Compiere there is a module called Application Dictionary where you can add windows, creating a form, field, and many more without going through source codes and programming language. Utilizing this module, you can customize the software within minutes. Aside from that, this application also includes a feature called the utility to customize report so the user can create reports based on their needs and personal preference without having to go through a complex programming language and source codes.

Compiere has a friendly client-server and Web Base interface that run at the same time, making this application more flexible and have great accessibility compared to the other ERP software. The interface structure that is created based on the Windows Explorer concept will make the user feel easier to manage and operate the software, making them more familiar in running Compiere.

Microsoft business solution as one of the common ERP 
Microsoft also joins in the ERP industry through a product called Business Solution. They offer you with 3 types of software that are specialized in ERP and they are Microsoft Axapta, Microsoft Great Plains, and Microsoft Navision. On a later day, Microsoft decided to combine the three products into one and now it is commonly known as Microsoft Dynamics. Although the three software have similar characteristics, generally the Microsoft Dynamics also represent the unique characteristics of Microsoft.

This software has a great interface and it is user-friendly. Microsoft Dynamics can directly integrate to the Microsoft Office for greater familiarity and make the software easier to learn and understand. It is also flexible since it can be easily adapted and modified based on your need or a specific industry need. The functionality itself is sufficient that meet the market needs, so the Microsoft Dynamics should be on your top list of ERP software packages.

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