Selecting the Best ERP Software for Your Small Business

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the information system which manages throughout integration and all of the business aspects including of planning, production, sales, manufacturing, accounting, customer service, and distribution. A small business using the ERP software based on some reasons. The main reason is increasing the communications between departments and maximize the business process by providing the users the users with simple and easier visibility of all operators. Another reason is to allow the integration from the business’s financial information. Even a small business also needs ERP software to reduce overhead and inventory costs. You can check small business ERP software reviews first before you choose one.


BatchMaster was designed to meet with the special needs of process manufacturers. This system is actually suitable for the nutraceutical, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic manufacturers. BatchMaster will make your inventory is easier to be controlled based on expiration date, unit of measurement, quality status, and strength as well. It offers you a formula which easier to change to satisfy the physical or nutritional target. The transactional, labeling, respots and shipping documentation can make you still stay on the line with the industry regulations as well.


It was specifically designed by considering the consumer goods manufacturers, distributors and importers, this tool offers you with the fully integrated program along with out-of-the-box features inside. This comprehensive solution provides you with functionality like electronic data, retailer compliance, importing, logistics, interchange, warehouse, financial and so on. All of them were needed to increase the efficiency and get the real-time business view for the manufacturer. This system is made to increase the process in each manufacturing process from the production process to the shipping process by streamlining the operation as well as lowering the cost. Even this system also compatible with a mobile system that allows you to get remote access. No wonder that many people choose this program as one of the best small business ERP software reviews.


This is the cloud-based platform which specifically designed to make a commercial operation more efficient. All of the management operations, purchasing and sales can be controlled and managed in one application if you need to connect the sales channels in your TradeGecko. This system offers you with B2B e-commerce portal that allows their users to sell the wholesale to the retailers directly throughout the specific storefronts. It also has customer relationship management, sales reporting, and accounting functionality. You are able to integrate this program easily into some platforms, such as Shopify, Amazon, Magento, Bigcommerce, and WooCommeerce. It also integrated with the accounting software like Zero and Quickbooks.


It offers you with the fully integrated system for any wholesale distributor and giving you the best solutions of breed basis. This software is perfect suits for some industries, such as plumbing, fluid power, electrical, medical and fastener. There are also some applications for accounting, purchasing, inventory management, and order management as well. This software also provides you with the reporting and analysis throughout the Business Analyser. You can read some small business ERP software reviews first.

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