Is There Any Cheap ERP Software for Small Business?

In the era of a digital economy, businesses are never too small to use ERP Software to grow. Small business owners may need cheap ERP software for small business to start.

What do you know about ERP Software?
This software comes as a long-term investment. Many businesses of corporate-scale have been considering this software as their backbones. You can imagine how important it is to have this kind of software no matter how small your business is. The software that is suitable for various industries, such as retail, manufacturing, steel, banking, pharmaceutical, agricultural, oil and gas, livestock management, concrete, etc, can ease the tasks in their various departments.

What is the best but cheap choice of ERP software for your small business?
Great ERP software will offer the tools suitable for small businesses although there is no exact size fitting the ERP system best. The cheap word cannot be defined clearly as well. Common tools offered are web hosting, a tasking system, email marketing, a shipping manager, e-commerce platform, CRM, etc. Since your business is small, so it is not necessary for you to have many tools that will cost you a lot of money.

How can small business owners gain benefits from ERP Software?

  1. Small business can have transparency benefit from this software. All of the departments can share and access the data they need easily. This will lessen errors when re-entering and exporting data, will cut expenses on human resources, and will increase productivity.
  2. Small business owners or leaders can get productivity with simplification of business processes. Staff will focus more on how to manage the business increased volumes. This software will overcome the challenges that may come when growing and will transform your business’ facets
  3. When it comes to decision making, the software makes it easy to do. Accounting, marketing, and managing tasks are a lot easier with real-time data from the software. With this software, teams are able to identify potential problems that can bother the level of productivity. Business owners or leaders will be able to make an important decision and adapt to the changes in business environments so fast.

Now that you’ve known that ERP will give you benefits, it is the time for you to look for the cheap ERP software for small business. The word cheap can be relative to any business owners. To start you can find the one that is ‘free’ available on the internet. First thing first, you should have a clear plan, goals, and problems to solve by ERP software. The open source and free ERP Software to consider are Dolibarr ERP, iDempiere, Odoo, Openbravo, xTuple, PostBooks, MixERP, ERPNext, Vienna Advantage Community Edition, etc.

Just because they are free, doesn’t mean that they don’t cost you anything. It takes business time surely. In business term, time is money, remember? So, make sure you know what your business needs. If you get confused, choose the one with features such as supply chain, invoicing, inventory control, sales, and development. If you are looking for the most suitable ERP software for your small business, hopefully, this article about the cheap ERP software for small business can help you out.

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