ERP Software for Small Companies You Can Use

There are limited numbers of ERP software for small companies. This is because not every ERP software is able to manage a small-scale business. Therefore, picking the right ERP software can’t be done recklessly. Also, there are ERP software specified for certain industry so pick one that suits with your field of expertise.

ERP software for the food industry

If your company is working in the culinary world, then using Food from Beck Consulting might be the best ERP software option. This software supports various things regarding food products such as the growers, manufacturers, processors, packers, brokers, shippers, and distributors. The 25 years of experience from Beck Consulting will give you solutions about the food industry. The business managers, CPAs, and software will also able to give you guidance and solution based on the current market condition. Food from Beck Consulting is created based on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which is one of the famous ERP apps in the world. This makes the software easy to pick up because of the similarity with the other Microsoft products.

As for the functionality of the software, it can do EDI, CRM, control features, workflow capabilities, trade management, mobile warehousing, advanced notifications, and business intelligence. The software also supports relational data models and real-time visibility to all transactions. bcFood’s scalability is great and therefore, bcFood is considered as an ERP software for small companies. Few maintenances can maintain the system’s stability, allowing you to save budget. As for the installation, it can be done on-site, cloud-access, or hosted.

ERP software for e-commerce

If you are currently running e-commerce and need a good ERP software, then you should try the TradeGecko. It is a cloud-based management platform that can handle commercial operations efficiently. Things such as critical business applications, purchasing and sales, and inventory management operations can be managed with one application once you connect your sales channels to TradeGecko.

This ERP software offers you with a B2B e-commerce portal, which allows you to connect with various retailers and sell a lot of your product through a customized storefront. Other features include demand forecasting, accounting, sales reporting functionality, order fulfillment, and customer relationship management.

TradeGecko is able to integrate your e-commerce with various platforms such as Bigcommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, and Amazon. It can also integrate well with accounting software such as QuickBooks and Xero and also shipping software such as ShipIT and ShipStation. The user of this software will receive real-time updates and reports to get better analysis and tracking. Another thing is that this software can handle multiple currencies and tax types.

ERP software for discrete manufacturing

Apprise is an ERP software made specifically with the focus on distributors, importers, and consumer goods manufacturers. The functionality of this ERP software includes retailer compliance, warehouse management, financials, import management, electronic data interchange, importing, forecasting, logistics, demand planning, transportation, mobile sales, business intelligence, and manufacturing. You will be given real-time business insights for better efficiency.

Designed to improve the process even from the start, Apprise can reduce the cost because of the streamlined operations and delivery. Its mobile compatibility allows it to be accessed remotely from a mobile-optimized site or through your smartphone, be it iOS or Android. because of this, Apprise is one of the best ERP software for small companies that work in the discrete manufacturing sector.

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