ERP Software for Large Companies

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a great tool which can tie up every aspect of your business or organization data become one in the more comprehensive dashboard – by offering the integration across different departments inside. It covers more than just financial area, there are some areas such as supply chain logistic, customer relationship management, material resource management, and business intelligence. The functionality that you need for different areas were based on your business type. ERP platforms were modular and providing you with a wide range of services. Before you choose the best ERP software for large companies, it’s important to map out how is your business run.


Oracle was often considered as the top three vendors because of it’s wide and rich offering, strong industry presence along with very high customer satisfaction. Oracle producing a series of ERP software such as Oracle E-Business, Oracle Fusion App, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Siebel and so on. They offer you great solutions with rich features and offering.

Microsoft Dynamic AX

Microsoft also offers you with the ERP system which is so comprehensive and cost-effective, along with major partners that you can choose and different industries were supported. The Microsoft options including of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics RMS, Microsoft Dynamic NAV and so on.


SAP offers you with a comprehensive system, a highly customized industry and a great availability from the implementation partners as well. This system has the track records for the success ERP implementation. Their product offering including of SAP Business One, SAP ECC, SAP Business All-in-One and SAP Business ByDesign. Choosing the best one based on your business need.

How to choose the best one?

Once you get a comprehensive idea related to which tool that you will incorporate into your ERP system and how they should interact with each other, then you can start to compare the companies. The important features including workflow, navigation, and overall usability. When you considering the different costs in different companies, you are able to verify if the platform needs a cloud or physical server basis. The cloud model can give you with more savings, because it does not need a lot of hardware, so the installing cost is nonexistent at all and the license cost usually assessed based on the specific amount of per user for each month.

Most of the ERP vendors will highly suggest you buy their software by using the third-party, the additional partner to manage the purchasing, configuration, and initial deployment. They will write special codes to connect the module if needed. To ensure the proper features were locked down and manage all of the maintenance aspects, problem-solving and employee training. With the third part, ensure that you really need them to manage your software and ask them to get an accurate estimate. Those are best ERP software for large companies that you can consider, but it is always better to read their reviews first and map out your business before having one. You can consider must-have features on your ERP software.

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